Monday, August 29, 2005

Worst of Katrina has passed

This post originally was sent as an email to friends and family from inside The Times-Picayune's headquarters in downtown New Orleans.

The weather is still pretty bad but the worst clearly has passed us. My guess is that wind is down to 70- 80 mph, with higher gusts. Rainfall much lighter.

My cell phone is down, but can still make some calls from the land lines. We're hearing reports of terrible damage and flooding. Can only imagine that things will be much worse once people get out and assess damage.

We're all still safe here. Hot and sticky - without airconditioning - but safe.

I can't believe its only 11 a.m. It feels like it should be the end of the day.

We're putting together an issue of the paper today but can't print it until tomorrow at the earliest. But it will be posted on our web page tonight.

Anyone who wants to call me can try me at my office line. If I don't pick up, keep trying.

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