Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's called tyranny of the majority . . .

And preventing it was a goal of the Founding Fathers and the reason for creating the Bill of Rights.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The gathering nonsense

Clearly, some people failed to get the memo that went out after the November election saying that fear-mongering no longer can be used to justify shredding the Constitution.

Left off the delivery list was the National Organization of Marriage, a group that has launched a 2 Million for Marriage campaign with the deliciously ironic acronym 2M4M - get it M4M. Their latest trick is this TV ad full of Night of the Living Dead zombies and fallacious propaganda that now is running in five states:

You should know that none of the people in the ad are actually who they claim to be. They aren't doctors or church workers or parents. They're actors. I suppose they couldn't find anyone who really fit those categories. Here are some of the audition tapes:

And the just-discovered lost audition tape.

The NOM spot would be hilarious if not for the fact that too many people - including many of my own relatives back in Louisiana - will see it, nod in agreement and whisper, "Those gays and lesbians scare the bejebus out of me too."

Some thoughtful and entertaining responses already have surfaced on YouTube. Take a look at this one, and be sure to watch it to the end:

I'm still waiting for someone - ANYONE - to give me the name of a single person who has suffered harm from same-sex marriage.

While I wait, I'm happy to provide the names of millions of gays and lesbians who pay a price every day for not having the full rights of citizenship promised by our laws.

I'll make things easy and start the list with my name.