Monday, October 10, 2005

Back to work at my New Orleans office

I'm writing this post from my desk at The Times-Picayune headquarters building in downtown New Orleans.

About half of the staff repopulated the building today.

The other half is still in Baton Rouge at our temporary digs, or still evacuated.

I'm the only person from the Money section here, so it's kind of lonely in our part of the office. I can't wait for my co-workers to return tomorrow.

The atmosphere is pretty festive. Everyone hugging each other a lot. Lot's of food.

Looks like we have all of the comforts of work. Obviously, my Internet connection is on. The phones, including voicemail, are working normally. Even our in house email system is back up again.

And the second floor cafeteria has reopened. That's important, considering the scarcity of food in the city these days.

Our section of the newsroom flooded because we're right next to windows, so the carpet has been removed, exposing a bare sticky floor. And all of the desks and filing cabinets have been shuffled around. But it's still home, and it feels unbelievably fantastic to be back!!!!!

Word is that we're actually printing tomorrow's edition here tonight.

Just picked up my official storm t-shirt. On the front is The Times-Picayune masthead followed by this:

Enough said.

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