Sunday, March 19, 2006

"Gooooo West . . .

. . . life is peaceful there." Or so the song goes.

I'm counting on that. After 14 years in New Orleans, I'm moving to southern California to take a job with the daily newspaper in San Diego.

My feelings about leaving south Louisiana, the only place I've ever lived, cover a pretty huge spectrum - excitement, sadness, hopefulness, guilt, ambition, sentimentality.

But not uncertainty. Many things have fallen in place to create this opportunity. I have no doubt I'm headed in the right direction at the right time.

I'll miss my family, football games in Tiger Stadium, the smell of coffee roasting outside my front door, Blue Plate mayonnaise, boiled crawfish. I won't miss the piles of garbage still filling the streets, the anxiety of another hurricane season, the hot, humid, miserable summers.

My family (and me taking the picture) enjoying boiled crawfish at DI's Restaurant in Basile, La., over the weekend - quite possibly my last taste of the Cajun delicacy for some time.

We Cajuns have spent centuries leaving our homes and carving out niches in new places. All the while, we've managed to carry in our hearts that special essence - that joie de vivre - that sets us apart from others.

South Louisiana will always be my home. I'll always be a Cajun. I'll be back . . . often.


BarefootCajun said...

Oh horrid picture of me! (Of course any pic of me is horrid)

I will miss you more than you know, my dear brother. Go read my blog.

Love you!

akiyat said...

And another one moves to the West Coast, although we will be on opposite north/south ends of it! I haven't been to San Diego in a while but I remember the city as pleasant and the weather nice. You will be close to beach too. I am sure you will miss your family and LSU (!) but they are always just a plane trip away. And more than likely, they will want to visit you. :)

butterflygirl said...

Good luck with your new adventure!

Susan Romero said...

I'm sorry we never got to touch base again after Katrina, but I check in here to see how you're weathering the storm. I'm glad to see you heading off to sunnier, happier places. Take care and enjoy sunny San Diego!

lynette j said...

Damn! You went to DI's and didn't call me!
So when do you move....I'd like to see you before then!

mcmikel said...

Keep your football tickets, donate them back to TAF, increase your BOWL priority, and the entire thing is a tax write-off. And buy earthquake insurance...

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Keith!

Ed Reams, WDSU -TV

Zoya said...

Good Luck with the move Keith!!! Welcome to the West Coast...even though I'm slightly north. Good advice on the earthquake insurance.

Anonymous said...

Even tho the boy is leaving Louisiana, you can never take the Louisiana out of the boy! Good luck and thank you for keeping me in touch with New Orleans while you did-- you kept me connected to my home since I moved away as well...laissez les bons temps rouller!

Anonymous said...

good luck dear friend; another chapter. it's best. life should be full of adventures, you know.



Steven Stein-Grainger said...

I have mixed feelings when I read about your move, Keith...I know how bonded you are to your home and its cultural and personal ties but I am excited for you about your new adventure. As you might recall, I too have had the experience of major moves for career and personal reasons - Chicago to San Francisco to Toronto and on to New York.
You will find that it has its moments of excitement, terror, bliss,uneasiness and joy...sometimes all in the same day!
Travel safely, my well and happy!

tracy said...

Hi Keith,
Having landed in Denver myself, I know too well about your conflicting emotions...sadness, excitement, guilt, anticipation, uncertainty. But life is an some weird cosmic way, Katrina just gave us a headstart on our next ones. Good luck to you and keep in touch.
Tracy S