Sunday, April 02, 2006

Going home

We've reached the end of our Great American Road Trip, nine days after leaving New Orleans and heading off to a new life in San Diego.

The trip has been fantastic - cheap (but clean) motels, long drives through an amazing diversity of landscapes, hikes through some of the country's more obscure national parks and monuments. It has been fun, but it's time to settle down again.

Along the way, I began my transition from Louisiana Cajun to Southern Californian. In fact, I'm thinking UCLA's victory over LSU in the men's semifinal Final Four basketball game last night might have been some omen from the gods.

Don't worry. My allegiances aren't likely to change. I wore my favorite Tiger T-shirt today for our drive through California. After all, the most important time to be an LSU fan is when it's hardest to do so.

Stay tuned.

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