Friday, August 04, 2006

Who says life in California is more expensive?

Got my first electricity bill since moving into my apartment. But before I tell you how much it is, let me remind you of some important facts:

- July was a scorcher here in southern California. Many cities, including San Diego, hit historic high temperatures - some several times.

- My entire apartment runs off electricity.

- I don't have an air conditioner, but I do have several fans that run nonstop when someone is in the apartment.

- In New Orleans, a typical July electricity bill for an apartment or house this size would be in the $280 range (probably higher now given the fact that electricity rates have gone up to pay for damage from Katrina).

So what do I owe in San Diego? An unbelievable $43.84!


Anonymous said...

ok Keith...this is Gerri Do not need to tell us about your electric Hope things are going good for your baby boy!

Anonymous said...

surely as someone who is from the south should realize, the thing that makes your bill so high down here is the AIR CONDITIONING. Thats why they have to put in a 220 line instead of the usual 110.Guess to be fair you would need to compare your electricity usage. (this is from bob, so u r pretty together on things, so u can tell me where i am mistaken) seeya

Zoya said...

Wow, that's cheaper than up here in BC

John H. said...

As Bob said, the difference is that you're not running an air conditioner. But that raises two questions. 1- WHY don't you have an a/c? and 2- How can you stand it without one?