Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A few good flicks

We've been movie addicts of late, taking in three really good and different films.

My favorite was "Little Children," a tale of flaws, mistakes, dreams, regrets and, ultimately, redemption.

The characters are deep, complex and all-too-real. It reminded me of another great movie, "The Ice Storm." The message of both movies: we're all broken, we all mess up, often badly, and we all deserve another chance.

On the surface, "Shortbus" is a movie about sex, OK, a lot of sex. But it really isn't about sex.

I loved the way this movie was filmed. There's a fantastic party scene as seen through the loaded eyes of one of the characters. It's amazing!

The dialogue is superb. And the soundtrack is phenomenal.

Then there's "Borat!" This is playground comedy at its best. My favorite scene occurs when Borat, after taking a manners lesson, eats with a Southern dinner club in a faux plantation house.

Borat II can't be far off.

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