Sunday, December 17, 2006

Let it sneaux . . . let it sneaux . . . let it sneaux!

The storm that whipped through the Northwest Thursday and Friday brought rain to San Diego and the first snow of the season to the range of mountains less than an hour by car east of the city.

The white stuff is still a novelty to this Cajun, so we headed out early Sunday morning before any of it had a chance to melt.

We were treated to a day in a winter wonderland along S-1, the Sunrise Highway, which tops 6,000 feet at the summit of Mount Laguna.

The roads were icy and a bit scary in some spots but we saw a good number of snow plows doing their thing.

This guy, below, greeted us in downtown Julian.

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Zoya said...

I guess you guys are getting the pineapple express too. We have just had the wackiest weather this year!