Friday, January 05, 2007

Deadly dessert

Here's proof that New Orleans doesn't have a lock on shocking crime.

A homeless construction worker is the main suspect in the murder of one man and the shooting of a second while they were dining with their wives at Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego earlier this week.

The suspect was escorted out of the restaurant after the men complained he was mumbling and aggressively staring at them. But he returned minutes later with a gun and shot the two men at their table.

The attack didn't seem to affect business at Heaven Sent, a dessert restaurant in my North Park neighborhood. We ate there Friday night and the place was hopping.

I used my cell phone camera to take these photos of Heaven Sent's offerings.

I had one of these chocolate and lingonberry tarts below.

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Zoya said...

Wow! Well, I just put on 10 pounds looking at the pictures.