Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bat Girl

The cute co-ed to the right of the arrow is Mandi, the daughter of one of my first cousins in south Louisiana. I think that makes Mandi my first cousin, once-removed.

Anyway, she's a junior studying journalism at LSU and one of 30 students who serves as a bat girl for the LSU baseball team. According to the team's Web site, Mandi and her fellow BG's do all sorts of things to make baseball games in Alex Box Stadium more pleasant for players and fans, such as retrieving cast-off bats and helmets and answering fan's questions.

I'm not trying to be critical, but wouldn't the LSU bat girls make a much more dramatic splash at games if they traded those boring warmups for the sexy little number Yvonne Craig wore in the 1960s Batman series?

Notice that Craig's costume was purple and gold, the same colors used by LSU teams. A cosmic sign, perhaps.

Bat wings or not, Mandi, I'm proud of what you've done at LSU. Keep up the good work.

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