Friday, June 08, 2007

More pre-season polls

The consensus continues to build that LSU has legitimate national championship aspirations this year.

These publications and prognosticators are the latest ones to give the Tigers a No. 2 pre-season ranking:

- The Sporting News

- Lindy's

- Phil Steele

- Surefire Scouting

Other recent rankings:

No. 3 - Athlon Sports

No. 4 - Vegas Insider

Also, The Sporting News listed the best games of the 2007 season and LSU has three in the top 15, including No. 1 LSU vs. Virginia Tech (Sept. 8) and No. 3 LSU vs. Florida (Oct. 6).

1 comment:

Jumpthesnark said...

Well if it ain't going to be the Gators again, let's geaux Tigers at least.

As for what these blowhards know, I don't think anyone ranked Florida #1 last year, either. Just the usual (USC, Ohio, etc.). These guys will never rank an SEC team #1 preseason, they love the usual suspects too much.