Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rex's latest obsession: smoothies

If you know Rex, then you know that he can become a bit obsessed with things . . . okay, sometimes more than a bit. It's the one trait that he shares with the pug. Well, they're also both hairy. And they have bellies. And they bark much more than they bite. But I digress.

At worse, Rex's compulsions are annoying. At best, they're entertaining and even productive.
That's the case with his latest fetish. It involves mixing various fruits, syrups, peanut butter and ice in a blender until it all becomes a cool frothy drink.

His concoctions are actually pretty tasty, and presumably healthy. And given the heat wave that's smothered us for the last week or so, the smoothies are a welcomed bit of relief.
Here's a pic of my thermometer showing the high temperature yesterday inside the apartment. Like many homes in the city, ours doesn't have air conditioning because it's usually not needed. The outdoor temperature almost never rises above the upper 70s.

The forecast says we have at least two or three more days of scorching heat before the weather returns to normal.

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