Friday, November 02, 2007

"Know your enemy"

I started my day at USC early enough to find fresh piles of the Daily Trojan neatly stacked in convenient locations around campus.The Von Kleinsmid Center, a research library.The Student Union.The Youth Triumphant fountain in Alumni Park.The Shrine Auditorium (located just off campus), which has hosted the Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys and more over the years.There were signs of this weekend's homecoming everywhere, including in Alumni Park.This tent, sitting on prime campus real estate, apparently is reserved for former members of the football team.Even Tommy Trojan was getting into the act.I couldn't have bought a ticket for the game even if I had wanted to. (Note the "sold out" label in the next pic.)The beaver taunting was vicious in some places.I stumbled across the football team's practice field on my way to my seminar. From the ground, you can't see past the walls that surround the space. But I got this overhead view by climbing to the top of the bleachers in the track stadium just across the street. So much for closed practices.

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Anonymous said...

"so much for closed practices"?

try getting up there during one...