Sunday, November 02, 2008

Palm Springs pride celebration

Star Trek star and newlywed George Takei rode with his husband Brad Altman through downtown Palm Springs during the city's annual Pride Parade Sunday morning. Things kicked off at a horrifyingly early hour of 10 a.m. Isn't it against the law to wake gays before 11 a.m. on Sunday in most cities?
Fellow gay Louisiana native and novelist Christopher Rice did his best impression of an optometry patient while greeting the crowd along Palm Springs' main drag. Rice's famous mom was no where to be seen.
By the time I realized who this was, Lorna Luft (the daughter of Judy Garland) had already past my spot on the parade route.
Only a handful of homo-haters showed up to spew their nonsense.
Me and my buddy Tim spent the rest of the day at the festival, which was held inside a baseball park. The crowd was fairly large, the feel was a bit small-townish and the weather was perfect.

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