Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mike VI is a monster

Roscoe, a two-year-0ld Bengal-Siberian mix tiger, should officially become Mike VI on Sept. 8 when LSU plays a huge football game with Virginia Tech in Baton Rouge, according to reports today out of Baton Rouge.

Roscoe already weighs 300 pounds, nearly as much as Mike V weighed as an adult. When fully grown, the new mascot could reach 700 pounds, easily making him the largest tiger ever to serve as the school's mascot.

His handlers at the LSU Vet school say he's adjusting well to his move from an animal rescue facility in Indiana, and they specifically noted his striking and unusual markings. They plan to keep him inside his air-conditioned house out of public view until the football team's opening home game.

He probably won't make his first pre-game trip around the football field inside Tiger Stadium until later in the season. Apparently, facing a roaring crowd of 93,000 adoring, inebriated, raucous Tiger fans takes some getting used to.

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