Friday, August 10, 2007

Thursday with Stan

Once again, I had Stan tour-guide duties while Rex stayed home and caught up on work.
We started at the lovely campus of the University of California San Diego -- specifically the Eleanor Roosevelt College. I really like the serenity of the modern architecture.
Then we headed to La Jolla Cove where we explored one of these water-level caves. You get to it by paying $4 to a girl sitting at a table in front of the cave entrance inside a tourist shop.
Many steps later we emerged into a fairly compact space that opened to the water.
We saw lots of squawking baby pigeons.
Outside of the cave, we found seals.
Then we headed to Pacific Beach for a taste of quintessential California beach life.
We took this missive literally.

Remember Stan's plush koala from our trip to the zoo a few days ago?
Well, he seemed to pop up everywhere we went. Here, Koala gave us his best porn magazine pose in the bushes.
Here, he poses for a future public service announcement.
I don't know how this happened.
Stan was out of control.
Apparently, Stan needs to eat at least one slice of pizza every day.

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