Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dreaming of a white Christmas

This was the scene three years ago on my street in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans when the rarest of rare things happened on Christmas day - it SNOWED!
A freakish winter storm swept across the Gulf Coast and dropped just over half an inch of wet, clumpy white stuff on the city around mid-afternoon. Here's how things looked in front of my house as it started to fall.

Of course, none of us in the city had any idea that just eight months later a storm of a more sinister nature would devastate the region and change all of our lives.
So we innocently reveled in the novelty of the moment. Nero and I joined my neighbor Brenda and her black pug Fluckie for a walk through the hood.
The brief storm left my backyard garden dusted in white. Click on any pic to view it larger.

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