Sunday, March 02, 2008

Weekend safari

After two years living here, I finally made it to the San Diego Wild Animal Park which is part of the San Diego Zoo. Our annual zoo memberships get us into both facilities, so there's really no reason why we shouldn't make regular trips to the park.
We were completely captivated by the park's pride of lions, which includes a male, two females and two litters of cubs.

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The little ones were so freakin' cute! They're part of the parks big breeding program that targets endangered species.

The park (marked by the "B" on this map) is located in a fairly rural area about an hour's drive north and a little east of the city.
You can walk through much of the 1,800-acre park but we opted for a ride on one of the trams. Most of the animals live mixed together in large enclosures that mimic a natural habitat.

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