Sunday, January 04, 2009

Holiday Bowl

I went to the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl nearly a week ago at Qualcomm Stadium here in San Diego where I got to see The Big Flag for the first time. This 45,000-square-foot version of Old Glory is unfurled by 250 people at the beginning of the game each year.
Joining me were Tim, Mitch and Tom, an Oklahoma State grad who was cheering on his alma mater.

I was decked out in LSU purple and gold, of course, and prepared to get heckled by OSU fans who still resent the Tigers for stealing head coach Les Miles from them in 2005. But no one said a word. I suppose the Cowboys' successful record under current head coach Mike Gundy has helped them move own.
The OSU Cowboys marching band easily out performed the smaller ensemble from Oregon.
Too bad the football team from Stillwater didn't have the same luck with the Ducks.
The halftime show featured some cool fireworks set to rock music.
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The exploding smiley face did little to sooth the pain of a post-season loss for the Pokes.

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