Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick trip to NOLA

I was in New Orleans last weekend for only a few hours as part of my quick trip to Louisiana, but I managed to drive through my old neighborhood, the Bywater.

I snapped these pics around the folk art compound of Dr. Bob, one of the Bywater's best known characters.
Dr. Bob is most famous for his "Be Nice or Leave" signs, which can be found in countless New Orleans restaurants and bars.
This disco-ball-inspired, dollhouse-sized creole cottage was sitting in a lot across the street from Dr. Bob's studio. I presume it's one of his creations.
The bricks are what remains of an old warehouse that used to stand on the riverfront site.
I found this homage to the new president a few bocks away at the corner of Elysian Field Avenue and Rampart Street. The building served for years as the main grocery store for the Bywater, first as part of the Schwegmann chain then as a Robert Fresh Market. The store closed when Katrina hit and never reopened.

This reminder of the city's horrific murder rate was on a graffiti-covered wall near the foot of Elysian Field.

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