Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mount Laguna lodge

Tim and I spent Saturday night on Mount Laguna east of San Diego indulging my life-long obsession with snow. There was plenty on the ground but we didn't get to see any fall as we had hoped. Instead, the storm that had been forecast for the weekend didn't arrive in SoCal until Sunday night.
This was the cabin we stayed in at the Blue Jay Lodge. The cabin was quaint and comfy - the gas heater worked just fine.

But the guy who runs the place is a total freak show mess! He was impatient on the phone. When we arrived he vacillated between berating us for renting the cabin for one night and thanking us for our business. And since we only had the cabin for one night, he made us leave at 9:30 the next morning, two hours earlier than normal. He made it clear that we had created a huge hastle for him by making him clean the room an extra time.

We won't be going back there, and you shouldn't visit either.
The crowds on the mountain were fairly small, suggesting that people in the area have gotten their fill of the white stuff for the season.

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