Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Heavy metal

We spent part of the weekend roaming the high desert around Borrego Springs looking for these hulking metal sculptures of ancient animals from the Pliocene epoch when the area was covered by forests.

The pieces are located on land that is part of Galleta Meadows Estates. They're all made by sculptor Ricardo Breceda of Perris, Ca.
We found nearly 20 pieces, including this mammoth. Click on any pic to make view it bigger.
A horse and saber tooth tiger have an . . . um . . . awkward encounter.
Tim gets introduced to a saber tooth the old fashion way.
Me with a gomphothere.

1 comment:

Randall said...

Tim's encounter with the sabretooth recalls a saying my father is fond of: "If you mess with the bull you're gonna get a horn in the arse."

I'm sure that "Nice kitty! I want to pet the kitty!" would be the furthest thing from his mind!