Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost the end

Finally, after nearly four weeks, we're nearing the end of my posts on my late August trip to Burning Man.
I've tried to provide an honest and complete overview of my experience, which ranks among the best I've had in my life.
I'm closing out with some of the pics that hadn't yet made it into previous posts. Steve and Dean, our camp mates from Chicago, made each of us elaborately decorated umbrellas. As the sun set on our first day at Black Rock City, we took to the streets. From left to right are Tim, Kent, Al and Steve.

The umbrellas, with themes of flowers, dinosaurs, Voodoo, bananas and pink flamingos, were a big hit with all of us and the people who cheered us on and trailed us like paparazzi. Click on any pic to view it larger.
Here is Dean dealing with a dust storm as only he could.

Steve gests a misting on a morning trip back from the ice store.

This free-form, communal sculpture took shape in the center camp.
Me and Tim relaxing after a cup of coffee.
Without a doubt, I plan to head back to Burning Man in 2010 because I know that I only scratched the surface on my first trip. Part of what makes the experience so amazing is sharing it with friends. So if any of my posts resonate with you, drop me an email in about four or five months and consider joining our group next time.

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Anonymous said...

do the dust storms make the drinks tastier?