Friday, September 11, 2009

Not giving up my day job

Want to know what I did this summer? I starred in my first TV ad.
Well, I didn't really "star" in it. And I didn't get paid anything because it was a spot for my employer, The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Still, three and a half years after moving to Southern California, I got my first commercial gig. And I don't even have an agent.

You can see the spot here. It started running on regional cable systems on Labor Day.
About midway through, watch for the beach scenes, and keep your eyes on the box in the center on the right side of the screen. See the cool guy wearing the straw hat and glancing over his shoulder? That's me.Here's a close-up to prove it.

The hat actually got me this shot. I was among 25 newspaper volunteers who showed up for the beach shoot. At first, I was just in the background of a crowd. But then the director said to his assistant, "Go get the guy with the beard and the hipster hat and sunglasses."

Me . . . a hipster? Imagine that.

Next I was told that I would be taped alone in a series of "special" shots. They did several with and without the glasses. Obviously, the hat ended up winning me the cameo.

I just hope people in grocery stores don't start asking me for an autograph.


Anonymous said...

you should've worn your burning man pink and yellow fuzzy psychedelic hat!!!!

Ken said...

im searching the house for something with your signature on sure it will be worth something Ken