Saturday, March 17, 2007

L.A. mountains

We headed to Mount Wilson, a 5,710-foot peak among the San Gabriel Mountains just north of Los Angeles.

The mountain is home to a famed observatory and the biggest cluster of radio towers (at least 20) that I've ever seen. After parking under these, my car lock clicker wouldn't work. I was quite troubled by this and worried that we might go home with brain tumors. Rex was unmoved.

Smog and clouds blocked our view of the city below but they produced a spectacular sunset. (Click on pics to make them larger.)

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Jumpthesnark said...

Pretty! The sunset, not the radio towers. And yeah, I'd be worried to be so close to all of them too. It's why they don't make microwave ovens big enough to crawl inside.

On the same topic (and since you have a photo of Schwarzenegger on this page), someone has to say, "It's not a TOO-mah!"