Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rovics plays New Orleans

Folk singer David Rovics will play a show on Friday, May 30, at Tulane University's Lupin Theater.

His repertoire of politically charged music includes "New Orleans," a moving and powerful response to the failure of government both before and after Hurricane Katrina wrecked the city.

I saw him perform last month while I was visiting London, and his show was great (see my previous post here). He's traveled all over the world and he has spent time in the Bywater neighborhood in New Orleans. He has ties to Common Ground Collective, an activist group doing amazing post-hurricane relief work in New Orleans.

He's also a writer and political commentator (check out his Songwriter's Notebook blog).

If you're still in New Orleans or within driving distance, go see his show and say hello for me. David says the show likely will start at 8 p.m., but you should double check the time with the theater.

Click the links below to listen to some of David's songs:
"After the Revolution"
"The Battle of Blair Mountain"
"St. Patrick Battalion"

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