Saturday, March 03, 2007

Music in the hood

The San Diego Indie Music Fest happened just a few blocks from my front door this weekend.

Vendors were hawking everything from ZIP code T-shirts . . .

. . . to handmade jewelry.

This guy was from the Technomania Circus of San Diego.

They're not the Waltons and they're not from Amish Country. These people are part of some sort of fringe Christian hippie religious movement - some people call it a cult - that apparently has been the subject of numerous controversies. These particular members live in north San Diego County at the group's avocado farm/commune.

They sang sweet folksy songs about bugs and flowers and lemonade. They served tea out of their psychedelic bus parked a couple of blocks from the music festival's main stage. And they invited everyone to join their club. Go figure.

The pug enjoyed the sights.

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