Sunday, April 08, 2007

Desert road trip

We spent Sunday afternoon hiking to this palm oasis near the visitors center at the Anza Borrego Desert State Park , located about two hours east of San Diego.

The cluster of palms sits on top of a spring that bubbles through a fault and flows down the mountain.

Some of the desert plants growing near the visitors center, including some ocotillo.

We didn't encounter much wildlife, just this lizard and this frog (below) being held by a kid who caught the critter in the spring. I'm sure he was breaking half a dozen federal and state laws just by touching it.

We found some of these ancient divots, known as morteros, in huge slabs of granite. The holes were created by native Americans grinding seeds.

We lost the trail at one point, but Rex used his super powerful ballerina pose to get us back on track.

On the way home we watched clouds pour like water over the eastern side of the mountains that separate the desert from the heavily populated coastal region of San Diego County.

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