Sunday, April 01, 2007

I've left the Saturn cult

I traded in my previously owned, 1999, 115,000-mile, fume-spewing, oil-burning, low-gas-mileage-getting, brake-rubbing, three-door Saturn SC coupe for this nifty Honda Fit.

I decided months ago to get a Fit but it took forever to find a dealership that had one in stock that wasn't already sold. Honda has been selling these mini-SUVs for years overseas but just started making them available here last year in limited numbers.

Nero and Fit seem to be getting along well so far.

Since Fit is new to San Diego, Rex thought it would be good to take him to this hilltop with an amazing view of Downtown and San Diego Bay. If you click on the pic and look behind the high-rise buildings you'll see some of the mountains that lie east of the city.

Rex and Fit seem to be getting along well too.


Anonymous said...

You know they say you lose most of your value when you drive a new car off the lot....but how big of a value drop did the car take when you put the "Geaux Tigers" sticker on the back?

Scott Sternberg said...

Cool car. Good gas mileage?

John H. said...

Everybody knows that a "Geaux Tigers" bumper sticker ADDS value to a car.

Anonymous said...

Sure, just ask Nick Satan, er, Saban.