Monday, October 08, 2007

Hitched in Houston

We traveled to the Lone Star state last weekend to celebrate the wedding of Russell, my best friend from back home, and his new wife Wendy. They actually got married in Australia a few weeks ago and had a big reception on Saturday at a bed and breakfast in Houston.
Here they are toasting each other.
And cutting the cake.

This is a story of enduring love. Russ and Wendy have been best friends for nearly 20 years. And though they had periods of romance together, they always had relationships with other people and never were a couple until two years ago.

I always knew they belonged together, but I just didn't know if they would end up that way.

They're both smart, playful, sophisticated and self-aware, and Wendy is a knockout. Russ couldn't have chosen a better mate.
Russ' mom, Joy (left), his sister-in-law and brother, Glenn.
More of the crowd at the reception, including several people from our little hometown in southwestern Louisiana.
Houston was muggy and rainy the whole weekend. On Sunday, we stopped for a drink at the Montrose Mining Company, my favorite bar in the city right in the heart of Houston's main gay neighborhood.
This is JR's, another gay bar, as seen from the Mining Company patio.

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BarefootCajun said...

OMG! Look at Russell all married and stuff. And look at Joy and Glen. It's so cool to see them all.

Congratulations to Russell and Wendy! Many, many years of happiness to you both.