Monday, October 22, 2007

It's all relative

In just four days I've managed to visit my parents, two sisters and their families, a great aunt, an uncle, two aunts and 11 cousins. Here I am with my mom (right) and two of her sisters who also happen to be Catholic nuns. I guess you can call them sisters squared.
My brother-in-law, twin sister, nephew, niece, mom and dad.
None of these people are related to me, but the handsome guy on the billboard is Cliff. The signs seemed to be everywhere in my hometown in southwestern Louisiana.

I went to high school with Cliff. We were both in the marching band - I think he played trombone. I remember him as a really nice guy with a playful sense of humor. At some point during high school he discovered Jesus. I guess he never got over it.

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LJensen said...

Hey...A phone call would have been nice... hint hint...Are you still in town?