Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The afterglow

LSU fans everywhere celebrated the Tigers' big national championship victory long after the game ended Monday night in New Orleans.

A heroic and - dare I say - chic hunter-camo LSU cap arrived in New York just in time for our friend Andrés to proudly parade his burgeoning Tiger pride around the Big Apple the day after victory.

Undoubtedly, he was the envy of all Gothamites.

UPDATE: Read what Andrés had to say about the game and his new hat here.

Even head coach Les Miles couldn't resist the lure of ecstatic French Quarter crowds. This article from The Times-Picayune describes an ebullient Miles reigning from a Bourbon Street hotel balcony until the early morning hours like a triumphant Rex (the King of Carnival version).

Things weren't so cheery for Oh-shit-io State University.

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Andrés Duque said...

Hm, actually I got stopped in the street a couple of times to ask if I was a Tigers fan. So aparently it works as a chick magnet AND guy magnet. Good stuff.

And a co-worker told me that she'd been out at a bar the night before with some Ohio State fans who were devastated, drunk and puking their guts out by night's end (she was the designated driver so she remembers a lot). She was nice enough to congratulate me even after I told her where the cap came from...