Friday, January 04, 2008

Lake Havasu

We made it to our final destination on New Year's Eve. Lake Havasu sits on the Arizona bank of the Colorado River at the base of desert mountains. The city has become a magnet for off-road vehicle enthusiasts and snowbirds.
We had no trouble finding the city's main landmark, the London Bridge, which landed in Lake Havasu in 1971 after it was bought by the city's founder.
We spent New Year's Day with friends of mine whom I hadn't seen since high school. Going clockwise from the top left, that's Annie and J.T., Jim, Bailey and Sam, and Dan and Jami.

Annie and Jim were youth-group directors in the early 1980s at the Catholic church I attended. Jami is their daughter. They headed back West when I was a junior, and we lost touch after a few years. But Jami tracked me down several months ago through a classmates Web site.

It was great seeing them again after all these years.

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