Thursday, April 24, 2008

And you thought I only cared about football

Perhaps LSU's gymnastics team will be able to do what the Lady Tigers basketball team couldn't do.

The flip-flop girls finished third in today's national championship semifinals to move into the final Super Six round. The teams compete on Friday in Athens, Ga., for the title.

Despite the squad's long history of success, this is the first time the team has made it to the final round of the competition. The appearance is long overdue for coach D-D Breaux, who has led the team for 30 years and taken the Tigers to the NCAA tournament 19 times.

Next up: Women's Outdoor Track team (ranked No.1) will be competing for its 14th national title and the Men's Outdoor Track team (ranked No. 2) will be chasing its fifth crown. The NCAA tournament starts June 11 at Drake University - Rex's alma mater - in Des Moines.

Both teams finished in the runner-up spot in the Indoor National Championships in mid-March. This is shaping up to be a historic battle with Texas A&M, whose men are currently ranked No. 1 and women are No. 2. The Aggies are led by former legendary LSU coach Pat Henry.


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