Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tecate, Mexico

After our hike we crossed the border into Tecate, a city of nearly 60,000 less than an hour's drive from Tijuana. It's named for the river that flows through it and is famous for its namesake beer.

Click on the map or any other image to view it larger. The green arrow marks our destination.
The local beer's distinctive eagle logo and red color are found all over the city's compact central core.
This large JFK medallion greets gabachos on the Mexican side of the border.
There's a big Catholic church near the central square.
There wasn't much going on in town. The streets and sidewalks were pretty quiet, and we encountered only a handful of other gringo tourists.
The brewery is huge, stretching for several city blocks. We found a beer garden next to the building but it was closed.
Dan insisted on visiting this laberinto de zapatos.
This is the entrance to the city hall, or Palacio Municipal as the locals call it.
In the states, people write "Please wash me" on filthy car windows. In Tecate, they write "Busco sexo," which means "I'm looking for sex."
Rex is obsessed with the border fence. He can't get within a few miles of it without walking up to it, touching it or posing next to it.

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KleoPatra said...

Very interesting window-leaving mark/remark there. Thanks for the Mexico visit. i used to go every few months, but haven't been in YEARS... More colourful than i remember.