Monday, June 09, 2008

Haven't seen the man skirt yet

We've spent the weekend here in San Diego entertaining Paul, my famous opera director Scottish ex-boyfriend from Norway (formerly London). You might remember him from my posts during our trip to London just over a year ago.

Here he is soaking up the late afternoon sun on the deck of The Prado in Balboa Park.

Paul seems to like San Diego. He had this to say to a friend on the phone earlier today: "The Rape of Lucretia was spectacular!"

Makes you wonder what he's been doing with his time while exploring the city on his own.

Actually, he came here straight from the fabulously received opening of his production of Benjamin Britten's opera in Central City, Colo.

He's off to Santa Fe later this week where he'll work on "Billy Budd," another Britten opera.

He also was recently named artistic director of Norwegian National Opera, which is housed in this brand new theater in Oslo.
Here, Rex points to the spot where aliens drilled a hole during Paul's most recent UFO abduction drama.

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