Saturday, June 07, 2008

Beach view gets covered up

Regulars at the nude beach at San Onofre State Park aren't too happy about a decision by park rangers to start enforcing public nudity laws.

This pristine stretch of coast located about 50 minutes north of San Diego has long been a favorite of those who disdain tan lines. Click on the map to view it full size.

The main problem seems to be with beachgoers who wander into the shrubbery and cuts in the cliffs for extra-curricular activity, according to this article in yesterday's San Diego Union-Tribune.

Rex took me to the beach for the first time in late April. Go here to see my blog about the trip. There were plenty of people enjoying full-sun exposure, and the landscape was the most spectacular I've seen so far along the Southern California coast.

One beach regular offered this photo as evidence that, rather than being sex-starved predators, most nudists at San Onofre are law-abiding citizens who bend over backwards to keep the beach safe and pleasant for everyone -- even when that means helping the park rangers who now will be handing out tickets for overexposure.

My favorite quote in the U-T article came from a guy who says he has been going to the beach since the late 1970s.
“It's amazing how friendly people are when they're naked.”
-- Andy Pollock

Words to live by, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

I wrote this letter to the ed of UT let's see if they publish it:
So they are closing the nude beach at San Onofre. Let’s review what that means and try to understand the logic.

If your reproductive organs are located on the outside of your body you have to cover them up. If your reproductive organs are located inside your body you still have to cover up where they would be if they were not inside. Regardless of the location of your reproductive organs, the breast of anyone can be exposed except for the circular area or the colored skin surrounding the nipple of the breast, called the areola. This presents a special problem. Try to understand, if your reproductive organs are located on the outside of your body the areola can be exposed; if your reproductive organs are located on the inside of your body you have to cover your areola. The buttocks area can be exposed as long as you have a strip of fabric going from your waste into the crack of said region.

This is what the ban on nudity means, the logic of it all is way beyond me.