Monday, July 07, 2008

Our first gay wedding

We spent Independence Day appropriately celebrating our newly established equality under the California Constitution by attending the nuptials of our friends Rick and Jaime at their home in San Diego's Mission Hills neighborhood.About 50 people - including Jaime's sister and her partner from Puerto Rico - gathered for the event.

If the gay rights movement wanted poster boys for the effort, Rick and Jaime would be an ideal choice. They work hard. They've nurtured a wide circle of loving friends. And they've been devoted to each other for 21 years. There is something undeniably reassuring about their relationship.
The ceremony was a mix of modern and traditional. Rick (speaking above in the left photo) recalled a recent kayak trip that served as a metaphor for their life together - Rick leading the way with Jaime keeping things on course from the rear. Giant photos of the outing served as props for the story.

Jaime noted the broader historic context of the otherwise personal event. And he spoke of an enduring love that, for two decades, transcended all of the cultural obstacles that now seem imminently destined for the trash heap of history. There wasn't a dry eye in the room by the time he finished.
The ceremony ended with an exchange of traditional vows - promises to live out their days together until they turn to weed fertilizer - and matching rings that were delivered by Sophie, their Welsh Corgi.
Champagne and hor d'ourves were followed by a delicious dinner, all prepared by Rick. Which left me wondering, how does one manage to grow up in Utah and become an accomplished cook? Clearly, some mysteries of the universe aren't meant to be understood.

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