Sunday, July 27, 2008

SD Pride '08

Last weekend was the city's Pride festival, and I'm just getting around to posting something on it. Sorry for the delay.

As expected, much of the festival's parade focused on the recent state Supreme Court decision extending marriage rights to same-sex couples and the upcoming proposition election that would reverse that ruling by amending the California constitution.
There were several groups of couples that walked in the parade holding up signs indicating how long they've been together.
Our friend Peter Tatchell, head of the U.K.'s Outrage!, was one of the grand marshals.
There were the normal floats . . .
And this well-rehearsed swim club.
Rex tried some of the vino in the wine tent before we headed over to the main stage . . .
Where this HUGE crowd was waiting for festival headliner and D-list comedian diva Kathy Griffin.
This was the best shot my little digital could manage from our spot way in the back.

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KleoPatra said...

Nice shot of the D-lister. She's pretty darn funny. i accidentally got caught in the traffic on University Avenue that day as i was making my way to Coronado (don't ask!) and i got to see some of the floats and crowd. Great to see such support, the fun and festivities, and peeps doin' the right thing!