Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rovics rocks London club

I saw activist folk singer David Rovics play on our last night in the city.

Unfortunately, this was the best picture I was able to snap during the show with my digital camera without using the flash.

A month ago, I stumbled across a music video on YouTube made by David about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. I became more interested in his music after visiting his Web site and online Songwriter's Notebook.

David happened to be playing here in London now, and we were able to meet up with him for a while before his show.

He opened his set at Cafe Suki with "New Orleans," a song he wrote in the days following Katrina while he was on tour in Beirut.

His music covers everything from the war in Iraq to corporate corruption to urban sprawl.

He's also a really nice guy.

Check out his songs here. And go see him perform live if you get the chance.

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