Saturday, July 28, 2007

Little Mumbai

Nirmala and Hieu took us a few miles north to this suburban shopping center for lunch and a dip into immigrant Indian culture.We ate lots of vegetarian south Indian dishes that one would normally buy from street vendors in Mumbai, according to Nirmala, who is a native of the city still better known as Bombay in the West.
This is masala dosa, a crêpe made from lentil and rice flour then stuffed with a spicy potato mash.

The shopping center is full of Indian shops of all types.

Clearly none of these shop owners got the memo about the city's name change.

There even was a Hindu temple.
Inside, a priest was chanting Sanskrit prayers. Nirmala said the people in the temple probably paid the priest to recite a specific set of prayers to celebrate some good fortune or to seek divine intervention.


Jumpthesnark said...

You guys are doing such a great job exploring the hidden corners of Our Fair City. I've been here for almost eight years and I never knew about this place! Thanks for spreading the word.


Jaquetta said...

I (heart) Rex's shirt.