Sunday, July 22, 2007

San Diego Pride 2007

We watched the Pride Parade today as it rolled through Hillcrest - the city's gayest neighborhood - on its way to the Pride Festival in Balboa Park. There were lesbians . . .
Leather guys . . .
A few drag queens . . .
And most members of the City Council -- along with the mayor, the police chief, the (openly lesbian) fire chief, the (openly lesbian) district attorney, the city attorney, the district's congresswoman, and a car announcing that openly lesbian state Sen. Christine Kehoe was stuck in Sacramento working.
A few misguided Christians who imagine Gay Pride as nothing short of an open-air public porn flick took to the sky with this banner offering a magic way to become straight.

Of course, study after study has shown that so-called reparative therapy not only doesn't work, but can be damaging.
These Frida Kahlo look-a-likes made me laugh.

See Rex's take on S.D. gay pride here.

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