Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks and the Gay Men's Chorus

Despite a tedious protest by 75 homophobic Christian suburbanites outside Petco Park Sunday (read about it here), the Padres' gay pride game went off without a hitch. More than 1,000 gays and lesbians along with friends and family mixed quite unremarkably with thousands of other baseball fans.

Our friend Fergal, who sings in the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus along with our other friend Tom (the former New Orleanian), had this to say about the group's pre-game performance of the national anthem (see video above):

"The crowd cheered when we marched out. Rainbow flags were visible waving in every section. There was no audible booing or hissing, to our shock and surprise. It was a breeze. I think Sandy Eggo is a completely gay-ified city now, since the Christian wackos from El Cajon were so few in number and so pathetic on TV, using worn out soundbite platitudes like 'lifestyle' and 'protect our children' to the yawns and boredom of all present."

Instead of annoying Padres fans, maybe those Christians should have spent their time Sunday praying for all the god-fearing Republicans, such as Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana, who have landed on the phone list of Washington's most famous escort.

Vitter, who won his first term in the Senate with a pro-family campaign, not surprisingly has been a leading supporter of so-called defense of marriage legislation. Funny how the biggest hypocrites often have the biggest mouths.

The word out of Louisiana is that local Republicans are twisting themselves into pretzels trying to figure out ways to make Vitter's transgressions go away: It happened a long time ago. He only did it once. He's been forgiven by god.

Maybe Dubya can give him some sort of commutation.

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