Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Slab City

My final installment from our Salton Sea road trip weekend takes us to Slab City, an abandoned military post just down the road from Salvation Mountain. The area serves as the year-round home to camper dwellers who survive without any public utility services.
The "town" is centered around The Range, an outdoor lounge and music hall that sits on one of the better preserved concrete slabs at the site.
Here's the stage.
And here's the view from the stage.

There wasn't much going on at The Range when we drove through. But apparently when Slab City fills with snow birds in the fall and winter, there's no shortage of performers of all sorts.

The Range had a disturbing look of sudden abandonment, as though in an instant the place had been emptied of people and not a thing had been touched since.

It was sort of like being in one of the neighborhoods destroyed by Katrina in New Orleans.
Here's back stage at The Range.
Front row patrons get to chose from charter bus chairs, old movie theater seats or an old sofa.

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