Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mudbug Boil 2008

We had our annual crawfish-beer-Zydeco music-all-things-LSU gorgefest yesterday.

We managed to fill two tables of 10 people each. Above, from left to right, are Rick, Moya, Jess, Robbie, Robbie's co-worker, Fergal, David, Hieu and Cheryl.

Click on any pic to for a larger view.

Like last year, the crawfish boil was held at the practice field next to Qualcomm Stadium. The event is sponsored by the San Diego chapter of the LSU Alumni Association, and it raises money for an LSU scholarship fund.

Since I'm part of the organizing committee, I had to be at the field at 6 a.m. yesterday to set up.
About 15,000 pounds of live crawfish were trucked in from a crawfish farm near Lafayette, La., along with a giant boiler mounted on a flatbed trailer. It took the Louisiana crew about six hours to cook all of everything.This was our other table. From right to left are Shaun, Penni, Richard, Pumpkin (aka Dean), Tom, and Tom's nephew and niece (Josh and Sally).
While we had more than our fair share of homos in our group, there was no question that this was the gayest table at the boil. It was headed by Steve and Dave who have ties to the Gulf Coast and supplied our tables with a generous supply of jello shots.
There were the usual vendors hawking Mardi Gras beads. And these women decorated their own second-line umbrellas.
Kristy, a one-woman-walking party and owner of Kristy's MVP Sports Bar, stopped by our tables and dished out some of her famous spankings. Poor Shaun didn't know what he was in for when he bent over.

Tiger fans in San Diego gather at Kristy's on Midway Drive to watch football games and other big LSU sports events.
There were lots of reminders of LSU's still-fresh national championship, including Tiger football star Jacob Hester who reportedly attended the boil. Hester just moved to San Diego after being drafted by the Chargers to play pro-ball.

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Brettcajun said...

This is pretty cool to have such a big LSU chapter so far away in California! Wow.

BTW -- I love the pics of the old football stadiums in California. I remember going to a 49ers/Saints game and thinking Candlestick park was a DUMP!