Friday, September 19, 2008

Beans, beads and Abita

Our unofficial New Orleans Publishing Group reunion kicked into high gear last night with a gumbo/red-beans-and-rice feast at the West Bank home of our bellcow Erika and her hubby Matt (seated above).

Andy (far left) finally arrived from Philly, and locals Susan (back center) and Brian (back left) joined us to complete the group.

Matt's manfridge in the garage was stocked with six flavors of Abita beer.

After much reunioning by the pool, we gathered in front of the house to watch Tawn and Suz tangle in an old-fashioned Mardi Gras bead smack-down. Things got pretty ugly when Suz handed off her sippy cup. Fifty pounds of plastic Chinese trinkets just aren't enough for these two Nawlins-starved women.
Today we head to sacred ground - NOPG's home in Heritage Plaza.

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