Monday, September 29, 2008

LSU vs. Miss. State pregame

I finished my trip to Louisiana by going to the LSU-Miss. State game in Baton Rouge Saturday with Russell, my best friend growing up who now lives in Wisconsin. He and his parents took me to my first LSU game on Sept. 15, 1984 when the Tigers beat Wichita State 47-7.
Russ and I started the day with breakfast at Louie's Cafe, a favorite late-night student hangout just off campus. The omelets are amazing!
We had no trouble finding plenty more food on the fire on campus. This guy was making a huge pot of chicken and sausage jambalaya.

LSU's three national championship flags fly high over the stadium on game day.

Do I see a haircut in Nero's future?
I took this video as the Golden Band from Tigerland made its traditional march down the hill from the band room to the stadium.

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ClintP said...

Keith - I can't begin to tell you how much it pisses me off that the only time I know that you are in the area, is when I read it here!! I was at the game too! South endzone but on other side - near the State fans. Shouting L!S!U! didn't seem to bother them, so I started with Ole Miss! Ole Miss! - that got 'em. e-mail me when you can, if you don't have the e-mail - google my phone #
PS - just READING stuffed cow tongue made me gag!