Monday, September 29, 2008

The game in pics and videos

EDITOR'S NOTE: For some unexplainable reason (perhaps it had something to do with being up at 2 a.m. after flying back from Louisiana), I miss-dated all of the LSU videos appearing in this and the previous post. The correct month is September, NOT March. I'd remake the videos with the right date stamped on them, but I'm just too lazy.

A Saturday night in Tiger Stadium is like Christmas, New Year's eve and a family reunion all rolled into one. That's what it was like last Saturday for me, Russ and the other 92,000-plus fans who crammed into this hallowed coliseum to watch LSU take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

And if you think of LSU football as our common religion, then the Tiger band's pre-game show is most certainly our profession of faith.

A panoramic view of Tiger Stadium from our seats in the corner of the south end zone. Click on any pic to view it larger.

Here come the Tigers!

This was my best shot of head coach Les Miles during pre-game warm ups using the highest zoom my digital camera could muster.

Touchdowns make Tiger fans VERY happy.

Those lucky few who stick around long enough after a home game get to hear the Golden Band from Tigerland sing the school Alma Mater. It's a beautiful tradition that should get far more attention.

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