Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cajun Country

I keep telling my friends in SoCal that my passion for LSU doesn't compare to the devotion that many other fans display here in southern Louisiana. Maybe this roadside memorial to a Tiger fan who died in a car crash finally proves the point.
I found the memorial as I rode with my parents to Abbeville in the heart of Acadiana.
No self-respecting Tiger tailgater would be without this spice mix available at Richards Meat Market in downtown Abbeville.
It took all of my will power to resist buying one of the bags of fried pork rinds sitting on top of the display case on the right.
The parental units and I enjoyed gumbo and fried seafood at a cafe down the road.
The main reason for the day trip was to visit with 94-year-old great aunt, Sr. Margaret Mary. She's a nun who's been an unapologetic liberal as long as I can remember. We really got to know each other when we both lived in New Orleans in the 1990s and early 2000s, and she was thrilled when I came out to her.Back to all things LSU. This is my college buddy John posing next to a few of the items commonly spotted under car ports in Baton Rouge.

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