Friday, September 26, 2008

I like Mike '08

I made the now annual pilgrimage to the zoo-quality habitat that houses LSU's mascot, Mike VI, which sits in the shadow of Tiger Stadium on the Baton Rouge campus.
Mike is still young but he's growing fast. He's already as large as his predecessor, and he's expected to top out at nearly 700 pounds once full grown.
My parents had visited the habitat several times already but this was the first trip by my sister, Michelle.

I bought this brick (bottom center) earlier this year as part of a fundraising campaign to support Mike. No one can say that I didn't leave my mark on LSU's campus.
Across the street in the LSU Athletic Department's headquarters we found some of my favorite Mike the Tiger icons.
This painting was created in 2003 by famed Louisiana artist George Rodrigue (think blue dog series) to help raise funds to build Mike's $3 million habitat.

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